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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 11, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and helping her development. so why just clean your baby when you can give her... so much more™? johnson's®. so much more™. hi. i'm thomas roberts. we begin with breaking news on msnbc live. we're waiting for a news conference from officials at florida's eglin air force base. a uh-60 black hawk chopper went down. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them as the search and rescue continues. hillary clinton's press conference about private e-mails
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adds more fuel to the controversy. we're going to begin in florida where any minute that press conference from eglin air force base. it will begin. they'll give us an update for 11 u.s. military members in the florida panhandle. this was after an army black hawk helicopter crashed. the bodies of most of the victims have been recovered. search efforts are centered east. officials say there was heavy fog during the training mission. she's on the scene and joins us by phone. what more do we know at this hour about the search and rescue efforts? >> just that it's ongoing and
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intense. we still have very dense fog out here. >> we heard from the public information officer that they train as they fight. sometimes the training missions and what they're required is just as dangerous, if not more so than what an active military mission might be. >> that would make sense. obviously these guys deploy a lot and have to be prepared to do their job in all sorts of weather conditions. that would make sense. >> from your sources on the ground have you heard more definitively about the fact they've been able to recover the bodies of those missing? >> we're hearing exactly what you're hearing as far as from the pentagon and the people at eglin air force base. they are still in recovery mode
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and trying to recover human remains and debris at this point. >> we know it's a very tough job for them. thank you so much. we'll let you get back to work there on the ground. we're going to keep our eyes on that press conference that should begin momentumarily. it's not unusual for training exercises to be conducted in poor conditions. you would expect they need to do that no matter what. >> that's right, thomas. this is the quote you train as you fight is what we live every day in and out. this is my heart goes out to the families of our fallen in this unit. >> can you explain the difference between the type of
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black hawk helicopter that the army pilot was in as opposed to what a navy pilot might be behind and the different radar they might be using. >> each helicopter had different configurations. the training is very similar whether you're flying in an army helicopter or navy helicopter. the black hawks have been used extensively with marine units over the years. it's a tragic e stlaents wasvent driven by weather conditions and who knows what else. >> we'll wait to see what we have come to this press conference live for everybody out of eglin. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight into this. just to make you aware, we're wats waiting for that press
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conference. it will take place live from eglin air force base. they were able to confirm that come human remains did wash ashore in areas where search and rescue operations continue. the rescue being the operative word. we'll wait to see if they switch to it search and recovery. there's a hearing taking place on a new legal authorization to fight the terrorist group isis. the administration is currently fighting under a very broad legal interpretation. testifying today we have john kerry and ash carter. the secretaries of state and defense as well as martin dempsey. secretary kerry was handled most of the vocal exchanges with his former colleagues on the senate foreign relations committee as well as protesters in seats. >> i mention that -- >> american people are speaking out. secretary kerry. >> killing more innocent people.
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one of them our journalists who were beheaded and a pilot who was fighting for freedom burned alive. what they would have to say to their efforts to protect innocent people. >> straight ahead in a few moments we'll be talking about the text of the authorization itself as well as the fears of potential mission and we get to this now, the reaction that's still pouring in less than 24 hours still hillary clinton's bomb shell press conference. >> the top five things what she said and what she didn't say. starting with the first one. number one, why exactly did the former secretary of state use a personal e-mail account during her tenure? for the first time she answered that question. here is what she said. >> looking back it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two e-mail
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accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> what she did not say is this right here. why she didn't just use two separate devices, one for work and one for personal or why not add a singecond account to a singlingsingle device. she said her e-mail was allowed, safe and convenient. >> i saw it as a matter of convenience and it was allowed. others had done it. i fully complied with every rule i was governed by. >> what she did not say, if her personal e-mail account is as secure as a government account and now to number three. clinton said her personal e-mails about her daughter's wedding, her mother's funeral, yoga, will stay private. >> no one wants their personal e-mails made public and i think most people understand that and
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respect that privacy. >> what she did say is why. why she deleted the personal e-mails even if they had no work value. to number four. clinton said the state department has the official e-mails, 55,000 of them. >> i took the unprecedented step of asking that the state department make all my work related e-mails public for everyone to see. >> that brings us to what she did say is who in the administration signed off on her private account. some want to know which lawyers or which i.t. add min strayministrators gave that okay. number five, she said she didn't have classified information on her personal e-mail account. take a listen. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there's no classified materials.
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>> to what she did not say is how long can she keep her e-mail server private? some republicans have called for a third party to review the server for possible e-mails. a lot of people listening to that and learning what she did say about convenience, but so many questions what she didn't say and the focus those 30,000 e-mails that were deleted. >> keeps a lot of people curious. we'll wait to see how this story unfolds. if she declares a run for presidency this, this isn't going away. >> the suit comes after repeated requests under the freedom of information act and they had gone unfulfilled. press secretary was asked about the controversy during the white house briefing. take a listen. >> this is a decision that was made by secretary clinton and her team.
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we're talking about e-mails that she described as personal that she described as whether it's her daughter's wedding or personal things of that nature. i'd refer you to her team about the decision they made on that. we're talking about the decision she's made related to her own personal e-mail. that falls outside the purview of the federal government. >> capitol hill reactions appear to be split mostly along partisan lines. >> she said yesterday looking back on it i might have done it differently. i think going forward folks will take this to heart. >> we don't get to grade our own papers in life. we don't get to call penalties on ourselves. she doesn't get to determine what's a public record and what's a personal record. someone else needed to do that. >> speaking specifically about oversight there, joining me now nbc alex from washington, d.c. alex, you wrote today her press conference may have created more
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new questions than answered old. explain that. >> the question every reporter was buzzing about is what happened to those personal e-mails. why did she delete almost half of the e-mails she sent even if they had no work value or didn't have anything to do with her official business as secretary of state. most of us keep our e-mails forever and never delete them. it was also a question of timing. she said she went through this process of thorough investigation with her team and lawyers where she went through all 60,000 e-mails and turned over anything that could be considered an official record. then she decided to delete the private account. why did it happen then instead of at another time? that's the question that's new and is going to be continuing to pester her for some time. >> is she legally bound to answer that question? >> well it's a great question. she says she should be held to the same standard as every other
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federal official. that's what everyone else does. she's saying don't hold me to any other different standard. now that we have benghazi committee with subpoena power, they will try to make it public. the legality is a bit questionable. he said there's an open question about whether the house as a whole can do that. i think that's where the republicans will be ledding in the coming week. >> we've seen this fall across party lines. we have barbara boxer who explained her feelings in pretty clear language. take a listen. >> people will go after hillary clinton for a number of reasons, usually quite partisan. it's the way it is. the republicans fear her. they fear her candidacy. they're trying to ruin it.
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it doesn't matter. i'm ready for hillary. i am. >> senator boxer is ready for hillary. says it doesn't matter. for americans that voted for president clinton and a change in washington, d.c. and transparen transparen transparency and we're realizing maybe we didn't get that that's probably why it matters. what are you hearing? >> i think the press conference yesterday was aimed as much as voters as it was at democrats who had been nervous in the past week that they hasn't gotten any information from secretary clinton and were flying blind in trying to defend her. yesterday she came clean on a will the of these questions. democrats are feeling a lot more reassured. they are feeling they have some amunition to go to battle with. i think what's going to happen
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now is we're going to return to the more traditional partisan lines where democrats like barbara boxer will be defending her and republicans will be attacking her. it comes a story of republicans. that's the place where democrats would much rather be. >> thank you. >> thanks. we're hearing for the first time from one of the university of oklahoma students involved in the racist chants that cause a frat to be shuttered and kicked off the campus. parker rice wrote i'm deeply sorry for what i did saturday night. it was wrong and reckless. it was likely fueled by alcohol consumed at the house before the bus trip but that's not an excuse. the university expelled rice and a second student yet. they closed the sae house. this is hundreds of students demonstrating at the university last night. charles hadlock joins me.
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are we expecting anymore disciplinary action from those leading the way at the university? >> reporter: the university expelled the students yesterday. they said more disciplinary action could follow for the other members of that bus. they're trying to identify who they are. so far there's been no more expulsions because of this. one of the students parker rice apologized with a written state yesterday. he said his actions were reckful and hurtful. he said they were fueled by alcohol that he consumed at the fraternity house before the bus ride. he said that's not an excuse but that's what happened. he said he learned the chant from other sae members. he says that too is not an excuse. that got a response from the head of the fraternity organization nationwide which issued a statement saying it's very likely the men learned the song from fellow chapter members.
10:16 am
the national fraternity does not teach such a racist and hurtful, hateful chant. >> we also know the other student that was involved in this his parents released a statement apologizing for their child's behavior calling it disgusting saying it was out of character for him. we'll wait to see how the university rebounds out of this. thank you. next more on our breaking news involving that military chopper crash as the search and rescue mission remains active. we're showing you new video from the scene. crews recovering sam of the debris from the water. how often do these types of crashes happen during training missions? we'll show you what our latest research has pulled up. senate committee debates the president's proposal for new wearwar powers to fight isis. out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe the gap will close
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we're still waiting for officials at the military air force base in florida. we have the black hawk that went down off the florida coast, a portion is owned by the military. it's used for test missions. francis is back now with how often this might happen when we have aviation incidents. >> we have been researching the data behind these crashes. this is the information we found so far. pretty much extensively for training exercises. this is what we found so far.
10:20 am
starting with february 2012 there were seven marines that were killed there as far as that tragedy along the california-arizona border. two helicopters collided during a nighttime training. this is not including what happened today. as far as accidents go there were 22 accidents that occurred in 2015. how many of those were army fatalities? two. as far as injuries considered non-fatal one. as far as the next year, 2014. 41 accidents total in that year. fatalities as far as that goes three and four non-fatal injuries. looking again to this next year
10:21 am
2013. the number of accidents as far as that in the military goes 45 accidents in this year. zero fatalities and injuries we have three nonhfr-fatal injuries in that year. the break down as we can see as we track it in those fiscal years from 2015 to 2013. it really seems like that's dropping. >> we know one thing that they said this morning is they train as they fight. knowing these weather conditions were not perfect is one of the perfect reasons why they train in them because they'll have to train in these unfortunate conditions and sometimes it doesn't go so well. they did confirm human remains did wash ashore. they have not confirmed the next of kin notification. we don't have certain names. we will hopefully in a short time. we'll speak with an official from eglin air force base.
10:22 am
stick around for that. that's the birth place of hussein. tikrit is not one of the largest cities. it could make other isis controlled cities possible. you see the location of it there. also military success by combining forces in iraq will increase larger roles for u.s. troops. the next of the legal authorization does not mean the u.s. fight against isis ends at the borders of iraq or even the middle east. >> this is a method that really focuses on the fight against isil. that can be interpreted. >> ari joins me to talk about
10:23 am
this. we have the secretary pointing out the 2001 aumf that this very broad authority to it. does the new language have the protections againstmissions. we're getting into semantics here. >> they're using that to say the obama administration they have the authority to conduct these operations against isis potentially where ever it goes. we've heard in the committee hearing today with john kerry and ash carter saying we have that authority but we want something updated and specific for what is essentially a new operation. >> when we talk about the specifics of the new operation, do we know what a plan looks like? do we know what an in and out is? >> that's where the debate was. republicans saying because it refers to a timetable, the
10:24 am
republicans saying that's a bad idea. why limit this. send the strong as possible message to the enemies whether it's isis or boka haram that we're in it for as long as it takes. three years can always be renewed by the next president. we need some boundaryies around. >> thank you. appreciate it. be sure to watch the cycle. still ahead the verdicts in what the trial over blurred lines means. one of the decade's biggest songs could mean for the future of songs and song writers. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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police have responded to a shooting report and shots fired at little wayne's house. this is taking place in miami beach. you can see the police cruisers there. they have all responded. a local nbc affiliate have the choppers at these images. we don't have a lot more information other than knowing it's little wayne's home. police are on scene. we don't know if anything ambulance that been called out. hopefully if the shot gets wider, we can see. all i could see earlier were police cruisers on site. we're not sure if anybody is inside or if this was something, a burglary attempt gone wrong. we will have more for you here. also an update on the breaking news of that military
10:29 am
helicopter crash in the panhandle of florida. i'll speak with one of the officials from the air force base where the crash happened. republican senator marco rubio defends sending a letter to iran asking leaders not to strike a nuke deal with president obama. michelle bachmann no longer serving in the house of representatives but she can't escape the role of congresswoman. you'll hear the details about her new job. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so
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i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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very busy day and here's what's happening now fp florida coast guard is combing the waters near the santa rosa sound. we're going to have more on that coming up in a second. i-94 shut down in both directions. in deerborn michigan a collision between a car and oil tanker caused a series of explosions. the tanker driver survived with
10:32 am
only minor injuries. the associated press is suing the state department over hillary clinton's e-mails. the company's itunes and app stores have been down for much of the day. we'll begin this half hour with the breaking news of the military helicopter crash in florida. 11 service members are missing, presumed dead after the helicopter crashed in the waters off the florida panhandle. the team of seven marines and four national army guard soldiers with a training mission last night. there was heavy fog at the time. what can you tell us? >> the weather did finally clear this morning for the search and rescue operations to begin in a more full robust manner. that continues today.
10:33 am
we're still considering this to be a search and rescue mission. i'd like to stress that point. the support that we're getting in terms of that effort is really quite strong. the coast guard has a number of vessels involved in the search and rescue. we have local, state and county agencies that are assisting as well as our own service. first responders that are out there. that operation will continue throughout the day and into the evening. i will also point out to you that i have just gotten word that i believe the army national guard unit from louisiana is planning to make some sort of press availability at about 3:00 p.m. eastern. that will be worth paying attention to as well. they will have an update from their perspective on it. i think your viewers will be interested in. >> can you explain in broad terms what the agenda of the training mission was.
10:34 am
there was another helicopter out on the training mission and returned safely with the military members on board. >> the specific type of training, i'm not really familiar with. there were as you pointed out, four air crew members and then seven marine personnel. there were two helicopters uh-60 black hawks that were doing a training exercise. they were flying from the destine airport. they were conducting or going to be conducting the exercise from training on the eglin range. one of the helicopters recovered and was accounted for. there's been some speculation about whether or not there was some sort of midair mishap. the other aircraft the other helicopter lost conduct as well as radio and visual siting.e ing sighting.
10:35 am
>> because of the poor weather conditions and the fact we know they train as afight is that the reason why this military operation was conducted in the first place because there were weather issues and this would be something that would help the military members train for different combat real missions. >> it's a very good question. i think that will come out in the investigation whether the weather conditions either contributed to it or something for the training scenario. i might ask you to talk to the marine public affairs folks where the soldiers marines were stationed. i appreciate the comment. i think that's probably a reasonable assumption. >> okay. we're going to let you get back to work and wait for more formal word. >> thank you. >> i want to take everybody into boston where it's another day of very dramatic and difficult testimony of the boston marathon bombing.
10:36 am
prosecutors show pictures of the bloody bullet riddled notes that was scrawled on the boat where he hid from police two years ago. we want to go to ron mott outside the courthouse. there's been a lot of different details that have come out in this court case. >> reporter: we're waiting for the court to resume testimony. we're expecting them to file back into the courtroom about 2:00 eastern time here. before they left on the lunch recess the chief of the m.i.t. police department talked about losing one of his officers in that man hunt for these two on thursday night after the marathon, the m.i.t. police officer sitting in his cruiser was ambushed and killed. they started the testimony that's going to end up where we found the bomber the following day in the boat. before we took the break one of the experts from the fbi
10:37 am
testifying seemed to pique his interest a lot. it was about the press conference that was held as police were now looking for two specific individuals involved in this case. we have the dramatic chase that led into watertown that night. that testimony very dramatic. we're still waiting to hear from the judge whether the jury will take a field trip to an undisclosed warehouse where the boat is located or if they will cut out portions of the boat and bring them to the courthouse. we'll have to wait and see wa happens. a lot of interesting. >> thank you. we want to go over to francis for more on the verdict in another big trial. this is has been a wild one considering who it involves. >> it may change the music industry as we know. the longest number one running
10:38 am
single of the decade and the two behind it have been dealt major blow. a judge found the 2013 hit blurred lines copied marvin gaye's song got to give it up that left robin thicke and pharrrel williams liable. ♪ the way you grab me ♪ >> reporter: a federal jury says blurred lines infringed on the copyright of marvin gaye's got to give it up. >> i feel free honestly free from pharrel williams and robin thicke's chains and what they tried to keep on us and the lies that were told. >> reporter: the family was awarded $7.3 million including money from the song's profits. $1.8 million from robin thicke. 1.6 million from pharrel. >> they bet wrong and they lost.
10:39 am
>> reporter: he says we're extremely disappointed in the ruling today which sets a horrible pres dent for music and creativity. >> my clients know they wrote that song independently. >> reporter: he said she was channelling that late 70s feeting but was not copying gay specifically. thick took the stand testifying me did not write blurred lines contrary to what he told vh1. >> i mentioned one of my favorite songs was marvin gaye's got to give it up. we tried to get a little groove like that going. >> reporter: he said i was drunk and hi and i don't recall how the session went. >> i think the case is probably instituted a lot of paranoia. >> reporter: there's worry it will stifle song writers.
10:40 am
>> stand up for his music. stand up when someone is going to try to pilfer and take something away. when it's not right, it's not right, period. >> you can see how this one case may change the way music is made with everybody saying 20 years ago i think i heard something similar to that. >> i love who say how the defense attorney knows in the hearts and minds of his clients they wrote that song and robin thick said i was drunk and high the whole time. i don't know anything about that. i love defense attorneys. we want to take everybody back. this is something we have been following. we're getting new details about what's taking place in miami beach. can we show everybody. a shooting reported at little wayne's house. we are seeing cruisers. you can see them parked outside. we are learning that the miami beach police department
10:41 am
spokesperson has said there was a report of a shooting. no victims. officers are still trying to recover information from the scene. they have not made contact with anyone inside the home. they don't know if anybody is currently inside the resident. the call that came out to bringing the police there was made to the non-emergency line not 911. this police spokesperson said they can't confirm that it is little wayne's home. we see armed guards on patrol at the home. he did confirm the address. they've got dogs on site. they have armed patrols on siets and trying to find out if anybody is inside. you can see they have a nice koi pond too. we'll be back with more after this.
10:42 am
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republicans spent much of today saying her answers only created more questions. >> i don't think convenience should trump national security. i think the fact she didn't obey the rules on putting her e-mail on a government serve and now she says it wasn't classified information. i'm not sure we can trust her. >> jonathan, great to see you. it is not a good way for a potential presidential contender to quick start their run with the right saying they're not trustworthy. how much has secretary clinton done to put this controversy in the rear view mirror by speaking about it? >> it's good to see you too. what secretary clinton tried to do and to some degree successfully did a democrat behind her with her comments on iran supporting the president
10:46 am
there, castigating the republicans that wrote the letter, the 47 republicans tried to upset the deal. i think she started down that road. this controversy isn't going awap. it's not just republicans criticizing her. you have pretty much every major media organization in the country, if not the world looking into it. i don't think it will stop. it's something she was going to have to address before kick off. certainly she'd rather be starting on a high note than a low one. >> when we talk about what the high note would be coming out of this is the fact that she hazards addressed it. with the a.p. filing their lawsuit, will that keep this in the headlines as well as the republicans trying to investigate certainly ideas about benghazi are feeling this brings new life into that? >> this will stay in the headline frs a while.
10:47 am
it will occur throughout the campaign. i think what secretary clinton is hoping and what you may see happen is real partisan division. some people on one poll. others on another. i think she was trying to sure up her base yesterday. the situation with republicans you're hearing a lot of allegations. you had senator paul talking about whether the classified information. hillary clinton had aids travel with her all the time with access to classify e-mail accounts. by the way, it's also very difficult to e-mail classified information from classified accounts to non-classified accounts. you'd really have to be trying to do that. not saying there's no such e-mail. i can't prove the negative. >> i think they're more interested in the personal e-mails that she said she felt were unnecessary to hand over to the archives. jonathan, this will go on.
10:48 am
thank you. great to see you. >> take care. still ahead, surprising look at how isis makes its money. we report detailing how that organization is making millions and millions of dollars. first, the top ten people who visit jodi but first the top ten people who visit jodi arias in jail are now being banned. we'll tell you why after this. ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ ♪ bundle ♪ ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby ♪ and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me
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so it is time for seriously, that happened. and arizona's most famous sheriff cracking down on the most infamous inmates. >> we're talking about jodi arias, convicted of murdering her boyfriend almost seven years ago. she's in hot water. the 35-year-old is the most popular jail inmate using the video e-mail. ten of her callers, including two teenagers are banning.
10:51 am
joe arpaio said they should use fake i.d.s to talk to her. she could lose the right to make calls after a disciplinary meeting and the phone calls cost $5 each and last minutes. >> where are these girls' parents. >> utah could make it the only state for death penalty by firing squad. the legislation is heading to the governor's desk but he hasn't said if it will sign it. the next execution is not scheduled for another two years so the department of corrections doesn't have the execution drug because of a nationwide shortage they can't buy it either. >> so scary to think that these are some of the things that may happen there. and michelle bachman, no longer a congresswoman but she may play want on tv. and the sci-fi channel has had great success over the shark
10:52 am
nato and known for the celebrity cameos, matt lauer in the last one and today she was at the white house filming a scene for shark nato 3. >> this is the one you don't want to miss this is not only for the kids this is for the mom and the dad and the whole family. this is absolutely hilarious so everybody needs to watch shark nato 3. >> apparently she was playing herself as a congresswoman even though she left the house in january. but her career taking a whole other level. >> we like one and two. and hear mark cuban and ancoulter is in it. >> and two different news conferences are expected from florida. one from the air force base and the other with pentagon as we have the secretary of defense ash carter coming out.
10:53 am
and deep data dive on isis money trail. how much of the money are they pulling in from the sale of heroin. >> and speaking of drugs? did iowa just legalize a iz-- did ireland just legalize a slew of them? that is coming up wait until the second hour of msnbc live. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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you got this. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. hi everybody, i'm thomas roberts at 2:00 p.m. we're awaiting two news conferences, one from florida with an update and another from the pentagon with defense secretary ash carter and we'll bring them both live when they happen. a blackhawk helicopter going down during heavy fog last night. today search crews have found human remains and debris. take a listen to what the base
10:57 am
update was earlier today. >> there are search and rescue operations going on right now in the sound and we have some casualties. and search and rescue is still going on. >> so we'll have more on that coming up on the press conferences. but then we have this white house press secretary josh earnest saying the president has contacted brace commanders about it. >> in the conversations, the president expressed his condolences to the families and community members of the seven marines and four national guardsmen and the deep appreciation for the many sacrifices that our men in uniform make to defend our country. >> and joining me from the pentagon is nbc news chief presbyterian correspondent jim miklaszewski and talk about the training exercise.
10:58 am
and we know that they fight. so the margin of error is small here. >> reporter: first of all, we were told for some time now that almost all of the crew members that were killed the seven marine special operations forces and the four national guard -- army national guard crew members that were aboard the helicopter almost all of the victims have been recovered, although search and rescue operations do continue. although at this time it appears highly unlikely that anybody survived the crash. and in addition they are recovering now pieces of the aircraft. which look as if the helicopter just fell apart, exploded apart upon contact with the water. it appears to be a very hard contact. and they'll be looking for these pieces in an attempt to determine just how that crash occurred. now as you say, they train as they fight. now as special operations forces, if they were training for a mission, they would have been flying at very low level,
10:59 am
very fast with an extremely thin margin for error. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski reporting from the pentagon. great to see you. thank you so much. we are following and waiting on the two press updates, one from eglin air force base and one from the pentagon from ash carter. and now the controversy surrounding hillary clinton's e-mail and the server. there was a lawsuit filed against the state and the republican head of the select committee asked her to hand over her private server. trey gowdy on morning joe. >> we don't get to grade our own papers on ourselves and call penalty on ourselves. she doesn't get to call what is a public record and a personal record. she doesn't get to do that. >> barbara boxer spoke with my colleague andrea mitchell.
11:00 am
>> colin powell didn't turn over one e-mail. show me one republican who is saying what he did was terrible. they operated under the same rules. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political reporter perry bacon and capitol hill correspondent luke russert. so gentlemen, let's start with. this and luke let's begin with you. the cover of the new york post today, well-known for their headlines, deleter of the wee world. so they get saucy with their headlines there. but with the addition of the new a.p. lawsuit, is the pressure going to keep building for secretary clinton to say enough is enough i'll hand over the server? >> i don't think so, thomas. i think that the republicans will keep pressing this issue and i think the press will press the issue. and you saw the a.p. do that. but what will fellow democrats, people likely to vote for her, what will they do. democrats are now rallying
11:01 am
behind her. they say she's answered the questions and released the e-mails and let's move on from the story. and i think they're reaction is important. she had the press conference yesterday because democrats urged her to do and now that she's satisfied their concerns that is a big development and a big win for her. >> they will say keep going, nothing to see her. perry bacon, thanks so much. and i want to bring in luke russert who is on capitol hill. from the right, we have congressman goudy saying they don't have the power to force her to hand over the server but boy are the gop people going to be like a dog with a bone. what is next for the committee? >> reporter: this committee has been operating in secrecy, they first learned about the fact she was using private e-mail last summer and that did not leak. so as far as the next steps, expect them to periodically have information dumps regarding secretary clinton about her role in benghazi and expect there to be other things about her tenure
11:02 am
in the state department. and when john boehner said this last year benghazi was investigated thoroughly and people knew what happen and there was no wrongdoing. now it seems that his decision to do this committee because of clinton's use of personal e-mail at the state department has to some degree been vindicated especially amongst republicans here on capitol hill. this will be a thorn on her side from now through the election. this will be on target through 2017. so there are a lot of things that they could do. they could call for a subpoena or call for a deposition and investigating her time at the state department maybe even beyond benghazi. >> luke russert at capitol hill. thank you. and turning our attention to oklahoma where the doors of the sigma alpha epsilon have been shut down. and one of the students expelled
11:03 am
revealed it is disgusting. and another student, rice calling it a horrible mistake and a devastating lesson. charles had lock is in norman, oklahoma. and so in his statement we had parker rice saying it isn't an excuse for the actions of the chant, it did -- it was something that was taught to them, but the national chapter is saying this is not something that is -- it endorses or knew about was happening on the campus. >> reporter: in fact the fraternity disbanded the local chapter even before the university of oklahoma skpreled the students -- expelled the students. and yesterday the fraternity put ouotice after the student said he learned the chant from other members, the national organization said it is very likely the men learned that chant from fellow chapter members.
11:04 am
however, the national fraternity does not teach such a ratist hateful chant. that is a quote from the s.a.e. chairman who has disbanded the local organization and done away with all of the fraternity activities here in oklahoma. >> the president said they will not return to the campus as long as he is president. charles had lock thank you. and heading over to my colleague frances on those headlines. >> we start in ferguson missouri, where last night the city council voted unanimously at a mutual separation agreement to accept the resignation of shaw. the police department and the city behaved in a culture of discrimination. he said my office has never instructed the police department to target african-americans.
11:05 am
any inferences from that kind of report are simply false. and now to boston where the marathon bombing jury is retracing the footsteps of the tsarnaev brothers leading up to the attack. the special agent chad fitzgerald took the stand to explain cell phone information collected back to december 2012. earlier in the day, another agent presented what she said were pieces of the bombs, including a shredded backpack and shards of metal. and this time out of florida, in miami, police are responding to reports of shots fired at rapper lil wayne's house in miami beach. it is not clear whether anyone was shot. in the last hour there are armed guards with guns drawn and patrol dogs searching the home. and his label just tweeted that wayne was okay and wasn't home during alleged events. and keeping an eye on this story. we reached out to his manager
11:06 am
who has no comments. and we'll hear anything especially from lil wayne, we'll bring it to you. the nation's top national security officials, john kerry, and ash carter and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff dempsey testified about new war powers being crafted to fight militants from the islamic state group. and ari joins me now. what were the statements about the powers established now verse us what they want. >> the big thing with regard to the powers is one, what is the amount of time. and that reaches into the next administration. and two, what is this language enduring ground operations mean? you say you want us to give the power to give isis and wherever they go but we won't have
11:07 am
enduring ground power. and you sit in a deposition and you see what the lawyers arguing over what the words mean and that is what they did as the brass quibbled over what is a ground operation. >> and that is with the possibility of mission creep. >> americans are concerned about isis and we've seen the brutality and the depths they will go and there is a view that we don't want to sign on to a long-term ground war like in iraq. and so far what republicans are saying is, it is fine the president requested this authority but he shouldn't put the limit on it. but if they are going to pass anything they want something bigger. >> catch arri and the cycle team at the next hour here on msnbc. when we come back much more on the military helicopter crash in florida and the search and rescue mission. why did it go down?
11:08 am
and we'll talk with a former assault pilot for the british air force. and plus we'll like at the isis money sources. >> and we're not talking about hostage money or oil money, but how much they are reaping from the heroin trade. and more on the blurred lined verdict. what influence will the judges and jury's impact have on the music industry? we'll get toure's insight. we stole ari, and now we'll steal toure. arded car company over the last year. get this epa estimated 36 mpg highway 2015 chevy malibu with 0% apr financing for six years plus $500 purchase bonus cash. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. welcome back. we're awaiting a pentagon briefing where we are hoping to find out more information about the deadly military chopper crash in florida. also new information as the u.s. coast guard is telling nbc news a no-fly zone is in effect in the crash area. and moments ago joe biden offered his condolences to the
11:11 am
families of the 11 service members aboard the blackhawk helicopter. >> i think we sorely under-estimate the constant commitment that only 1% of the population makes on behalf of our security. 99% of the rest of us owe them a debt of gratitude and thanks and our hearts go out to the families of the servicemen and women involved. >> 11 soldiers from the nearby eglin air force base were aboard. search and rescue have acquired the bodies and they say heavy fog might have been a reason. and michael jay from the british milt. and so how is a blackhawks helicopter pilot supposed to handle limited visibility like that and also maybe a plus in a mission like this because they are trying to train in hardened and battered conditions? >> well first, thomas they
11:12 am
were spot on. and in the investigation, it is divided into the where, the what and the how. we know where it was and what happened because the aircraft has impacted the water and the how will come out, which will take months if not years. but this very much looks like a special forces aviation mission profile where you have a couple of helicopters flying in formation at night and low level and the aim is to get man power and force on the ground called a helli assault force. and in having taught how to do this myself in 20 years in the military. there are a number of significant issues whenner training up pilots to do this. one is called controlle water and what happens when you are flying as a wing man, a number two with a formation lead is the skills is are you have a form on the lead
11:13 am
aircraft at about 200 k and then avoid terrain and sometimes you can get fixated on the front aircraft and actually fly into terrain. it is called controlled flight into terrain. we don't know what happened but this fits that standard operations profile. very tragic. >> and mikey, we are awaiting the press conferences this afternoon and we'll have them for everybody here live on mash mash. mikey kay, thank you very much. and we have the isis video showing the execute of an israeli hostage in this still image, can you see a 19-year-old right there, mohammed isis had accused him of being a spy -- this is the wrong still. forgive me f. we can get the right one up we will. they accused him of being a spy for israel. he is brutally shot at point blank range in the head by a teenage boy. the isis brutality is made possible through the startling
11:14 am
pool of funds and there are reports they are raking in $100 billion a year through the heroin trade. and so we asked france to find where this money is coming from and you found heroin. >> yeah really dark material we are working with but fascinated how these drugs and opiates are funding terrorism. so let's get right down to it. and if you can imagine this as far as the total amount of dollars we are talking about with being funded. it is a total of $1 billion. that is the amount that russia's drug control chief is how much isis is making on the heroin trade in afghanistan and iraq alone, really an astounding amount of money. so thomas let's look at the map to see where it is going and coming from. the amount of heroin through europe and the middle east and north africa and asia in 2009. look in afghanistan, see how thick the arrows are here. that is where isis really has
11:15 am
the affiliations and showing just how much heroin is flowing out of afghanistan. at least 160 metric tons of heroin alone right into pakistan. and keep in mind isis is not the only nation. the united nations estimates the taliban made $155 million and opium cultivation is increasing there as we speak. in fact thomas the u.n. estimates that 80% of the opium products comes from afghanistan. so if you think about it you look at just how opiates appear to be funding terrorism. experts are worried that afghanistan could be the source of this and it can only grow as we see the power of isis grow too and how this may be fuelling it as well. >> they say follow the money. and here we see the dark money. thanks so much. months ago members of the iraqi military ran from isis'
11:16 am
advance and now with the support of shiite militants tha broken through lines to retake saddam hussein's home city of tikrit. this is the biggest stand against islamic state militants. bill neely joins me from irbil in iraq. so explain the significant advance for iraqi troops and how it will impact isis? >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon, thomas. as you say, it is the biggest counter offensive against isis by any force and it is hugely significant. it is certainly the most decisive moment in the nine months since both tikrit and mosul were captured by isis. it is symbolically significant, as you say. tikrit is saddam hussein's home town because this is the first battle for a major city in iraq against isis and it is also strategically significant because if tikrit was taken this
11:17 am
would reverse the momentum that isis has built up over the last nine months. and possibly pave the way to isis being driven -- excuse me -- driven out of mosul. so what we know today is that there has been huge progress. iraqi forces apparently have moved into tikrit towards the hospital towards the presidential palace. they are a huge force, 24,000 fighters according to martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, of which 20,000 are iraqi shia militia. the u.s. is not involved in the assault. it was neither consulting or taking part in the air-strikes. >> certainly encouraging to hear iraqi forces involved in the
11:18 am
bush-back. thank you, bill. when we come back we asked you if you were satisfied with hillary clinton news conference. did she answer all of your questions about the e-mail server. we'll have the answer to some of your questions. stick around. re-nuked. and re-baked. and when leftovers are done ...there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food. so go ahead, triple that recipe! a drop of dawn and grease is gone. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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